Damon Clear™

Damon Smile

The clear way to amazing results!

The Damon Clear braces and high-tech archwires used in the revolutionary Damon Smile have been clinically proved to shift teeth quickly and painlessly with remarkable results. Until now, there hasn’t been a clear alternative to transparent braces that offers the best of both worlds.

Braces no longer mean inconvenience, discomfort, and a mouth full of metal.


Damon Clear braces may be unnoticed by the people around you. Damon Clear braces are nearly invisible.

Damon Smile

Treatment time

Expect to notice results in starting very early on. Damon Smile braces may be able to reduce treatment times by up to six months compared to traditional braces, but each case is unique. In comparison to Damon Smile, traditional braces need a greater number of checkup appointments. That implies that you, your family, and your way of life will benefit from it.


Damon Clear’s brackets are gentle on the teeth and gums since there are no ties to tighten.

The difference is clear!

Damon Smile

Damon Clear

Damon Clear uses a sliding mechanism to maintain the archwires in the brackets. Your teeth will be able to move more freely and comfortably as a consequence of this.

Damon Smile

Traditional Brackets

As a result of the friction and pressure provided by elastics, conventional braces slow down and make treatment more difficult.

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