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The most common type of braces? The traditional metal ones we all know! These braces consist of brackets and wires that are attached to the front of your teeth. Metal braces have evolved over time and are more comfortable, smaller, and more customizable than ever before.


Crafted from transparent or tooth-colored materials, clear braces seamlessly merge with the natural shade of teeth, rendering them discreet and inconspicuous. This makes them an outstanding choice for individuals who prefer a more subtle method to address misalignments.


Transform your smile seamlessly with InBrace, the cutting-edge orthodontic solution that works behind the scenes to straighten your teeth discreetly. Say goodbye to visible braces and embrace the comfort and style of InBrace, where advanced technology meets a stunningly invisible design for a smile makeover like never before.

Clear Aligners

For those seeking an even more discreet option, clear aligners may be the perfect option for you. They are less visible than braces and can be removed when brushing your teeth, eating, or for important events.

Angel Aligners®

Angel aligners offer a discreet and comfortable solution for straightening teeth without the hassle of traditional braces. Using cutting-edge technology, these clear aligners gradually shift teeth into their desired position, allowing individuals to achieve a confident smile with minimal disruption to their daily lives.


Spark Aligners are made with TruGEN™. This material delivers a more precise fit while offering greater clarity and comfort. These aligners are designed to move teeth efficiently and effectively across a variety of misalignments.


Invisalign clear aligners are designed to straighten teeth discreetly and comfortably. Instead of traditional braces, Invisalign utilizes a series of clear, custom-made aligners that gradually shift teeth into their desired position.

Invisalign® Teen

Teens want treatment options that allow them to look their best while also achieving their dream smile. This is why we offer Invisalign Teen. This option has the same features as standard Invisalign, with some key extras that make it work better for adolescents.

Orthognathic Surgery

Sometimes, when orthodontic problems are too severe, we may recommend surgical orthodontics. Also known as orthognathic surgery, this treatment option corrects severe jaw discrepancies and misalignments that cannot be corrected through orthodontic treatment alone.

Whenever possible, we try our best to treat these issues without resorting to surgery. However, sometimes it just isn’t feasible. Patients with issues such as significant overbites, underbites, or asymmetrical jaw growth may benefit from orthognathic surgery.


Temporomandibular joint disorders affect the jaw joint and surrounding muscles. Symptoms can include jaw pain, clicking or popping sounds, headaches, and difficulty opening or closing the mouth. Over time, muscles and ligaments supporting the TMJ can become injured or strained, which can then misalign the lower jaw.

Treatment options for those with a TMJ condition can include a night guard, a splint, or braces to adjust the bite. A night guard relieves strain on the temporomandibular joint by allowing it to slowly move back into place. If you experience jaw pain, teeth grinding, or jaw clenching, braces may help realign your teeth and relieve TMJ pain and discomfort.


TRIOS 3D Light Scanning

We want you to be comfortable throughout your orthodontic journey, which is why we provide TRIOS digital impressions. This intraoral scanner is compatible with all of our treatments, and cuts down on appointment and treatment times.

In-Office 3D Printing

Utilizing 3D printing technology, your digital dental scan data can be used to create an accurate model of your teeth. Our practice no longer has to take messy impressions to create aligners, retainers, and other appliances.