Common Treatments

Crowding of the teeth

Crowding of the teeth beforeBefore
Crowding of the teeth afterAfter

The course of treatment, which began at the age of 11, took 26 months to complete. Now the patient has bright smile on his face, of course.

Open bite - Front teeth don't touch

Open bite - Front teeth don't touch beforeBefore
Open bite - Front teeth don't touch afterAfter

The patient had a habit of sucking on her thumb as a child. Her road to rehabilitation started at the tender age of thirteen. Her negative behaviors were corrected with the use of a crib. Now, she can bite even the thinnest element of food.

Deep overbite - Lower front teeth bite into palate

Deep overbite - Lower front teeth bite into palate beforeBefore
Deep overbite - Lower front teeth bite into palate afterAfter

This 25-year-old patient needed braces for two years to repair his significant overbite.

Missing lateral incisors

Missing lateral incisors beforeBefore
Missing lateral incisors afterAfter

This patient was born without any of the lateral incisors. For the first time in her life, she was able to eat her favorite foods again thanks to "Maryland" linked bridges.

Underbite - Lower front teeth in front of upper teeth

Underbite - Lower front teeth in front of upper teeth beforeBefore
Underbite - Lower front teeth in front of upper teeth afterAfter

When the patient's underbite caused teeth to wear out quicker than they should, she was also experiencing jaw discomfort. As a result of treatment, she can now smile and eat properly at age 32.

Spacing of teeth

Spacing of teeth beforeBefore
Spacing of teeth afterAfter

The gaps between the patient's teeth were causing him discomfort. He was able to get a perfect bite in only 24 months thanks to braces. In order to keep the gaps closed, a retainer that is fixed using special adhesive is installed.

Overjet - Protruding front teeth

Overjet - Protruding front teeth beforeBefore
Overjet - Protruding front teeth afterAfter

By the time he was ten, the patient's top teeth had a noticeable overjet and were protruding over his lower teeth. There were two phases to her treatment. In time, her teeth and bite became more in sync with each other as well as her jaws. By the time she was 13, she was beaming with pride as she showed off her newfound smile to everyone in her path.

Non-braces treatment

Non-braces treatment beforeBefore
Non-braces treatment afterAfter

Braces aren't always necessary to achieve visible changes in the alignment of teeth. At the age of seven, this patient's bottom permanent teeth were crowded. The permanent incisors aligned themselves at nine months as a result of a surgery to lessen the breadth of the neighboring baby teeth.


Phase-One beforeBefore
Phase-One afterAfter

His parents brought him to an orthodontist at the age of eight since they were concerned about his looks and his oral health. Lower teeth crowded and touched the palate because they were out of position on each side. After 12 months of Phase-I treatment with an expander and partial braces, the patient's appearance and oral function significantly improved.

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